Why Google is still a bargain despite hitting $1 trillion

Google has become the third company ever to be valued above $1 trillion (£777bn) following a 9pc rise in its share price this year. As the company reaches the upper echelon of investments many will question how far it can continue to rise.

The search engine turned far-reaching tech firm has joined the likes of Microsoft and Apple in the trillion dollar club – and the duo’s fortunes give Google investors reason to cheer. The two stocks are now worth around $2.5 trillion.

Analysts suggest Google to do the same on the back of its growing business away from its search engine.

Telegraph Money looks at the case for owning Google shares and shows you how best to invest.

Christopher Rossbach, of investment manager J. Stern & Co., said he expected the strong run to continue.

“Google is an opportunity like Apple was a couple of years ago,” he said. “The company is at fairly priced and will continue to grow,” he said.  Apple’s share price has increased 80pc in the past two years. 

“It has significant room to grow in its dominant online advertising business and in other areas because it is a market leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Google can apply its technological edge to new industries, like healthcare,” he said.

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