Top Google Searches of 2019- The Data may surprise you

A report on Top Google Searches of 2019- The Data may surprise you

If anyone searches for a query online, Google is the tool preferred to give a relevant answer. Today Google is the most trusted brand in search engine query for ordinary people as well as for online business. It is the tool that provides the number of research to the query with the help of keyword discovery and even to analyze the behavior of a consumer.

The brands of Products, Social media, videos, popular top websites, and other pieces all come up with an individual to their development on the web. In this process, from earlier to the present there is no change in the search volume of the bulk of keywords. However, the best part is the comparison of the volume of keywords today on the search query of people are looking.

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The analyzation of keyword traffic is difficult to find 15 years ago because most of the people never had a computer. But today the world is drastically changed and the people are likely to adopt technology and trends. Get all the statistics of the keywords based on the volume on the web and Google AdWords Keyword Tool helps out for relevant keywords.

The topmost Google searches of a keyword are quite interesting and they fluctuate with time. And on the other side, some searches are really never thought of the keyword. When searching for a keyword in a Google Keyword Tool, we get the results with an Exact match, Broad match, and Phrase match.

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Broad Match: The search volumes for grammatical related, synonyms and meanings.

Exact Match: For just to find keywords.

Phrase Match: Keywords with a phrase in query.

In each set, we can find the results of the query globally and includes local searches too. Google Keyword had an option to filter the keywords list including with region. For example, if we want to talk about the keywords in America, then the volume of keywords outside America should not be counted.

Top Google Searches- The Data may surprise you

Let’s take an example of search terms like Sex, Porn, porno pretty, and free porn. In a month of the count of these four terms are in number 22,820,000. Independently the count is


Free Porn-7,480,000

Sex- 2,740,000


These 23 million searches for these four terms every month which means equal to every single person belongs to Los Angeles, Dallas, Texas, New York City, Phoenix, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, San Deigo, San Antonio. This results in the whole year, mostly every citizen in America will search one of the terms among four. Sex is not bad, its a popular one.

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Coming to online games, some of the highlights terms in gaming are

Addicting games – 4,090,000

Games – 3,350,000

Cool math games – 3,350,000

Free online games – 1,830,000

The Internet is not subjected to games or entertainment purposes. It is to provide for any kind of information you want of any industry like real estate, health, cooking, etc. Every month nearly 1,500,000 search queries are done for owning a home. For businesses, with the help of Google tools will play around to find new customers. The search volumes of keyword will appear based on Google and not on all the Google partners and other search engines. The key is to be familiar by understanding consumer behavior and by analyzing the competitors of your business.

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