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Google provides a host of services for its users with a number of interesting features. Apart from Google Search, Google Assistant and Google Maps, the tech giant also offers a number of games. Users do not need to download or install any of the games but just dig a little deeper to access them.

There is a huge treasure trove of games on Google and players just need to know they exist to be able to continue playing them.

Snake game: Remember when Nokia phones were first launched and featured a game which saw a snake eating bars for points? Search for ‘snake game’ in Google and it will automatically take you on a sweet nostalgic ride, with better visuals.

Cricket: Search for the Cricket Doodle archive on Google and it will lead you to a game of cricket with some good animation and controls. The game was first created during the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 and it still exists for cricket enthusiasts.

Text adventure: This will take you back to the 70s, a time before animated graphics and POV or role play in gaming. Type text adventure on your Google search engine and follow it by pressing either Ctrl+Shift+I or Ctrl+Shift+J, both of which will take you to a Console where you have to type ‘yes’ for the game to commence.

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Halloween: First released by Google as part of a doodle in 2016, the interactive game sees a cat from the Magic Cat Academy trying to save her friends from ghosts and spirits. One just needs to search for Halloween doodle archive to locate the game. To play, one has to follow instructions that appear on the screen and draw an array of spells to destroy the ghosts and advance through the levels.

Gnome: Published by Google Doodle in 2018, the interactive game is based on German garden dwarfs. One has to catapult to launch the Gnome to the farthest field of the garden. The farther the gnome is catapulted, the higher number of flowers gets planted and gives the player more points as well.

T-Rex: Perhaps the most popular Google Chrome game. The game gets activated only when a user does not have internet connection. One just has to press the space key in the ‘No Internet tab’ to start laying the game. The game keeps on gaining speed as levels progress and is quite fun.

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