Top 5 international food choices for hungry Nova Scotians, …

If you have a recurring hankering for lemon chicken and ginger beef, you’re not alone.

Chinese tops a list of the top five international cuisines in Nova Scotia, as determined by Google Trends data and sorted by the Chef’s Pencil website.

Italian is second, with Thai third. Mexican and Indian tied for fourth.

Chef’s Pencil released a report Thursday on the most popular ethnic cuisines in Canada.

The report released Thursday is based on Google Trends data, which doesn’t only indicate Canadians’ dining-out habits but also shows what folks are eating at home, according to a news release.

Google provides data on a range of topics, including national cuisines, and allocates a score that indicates the level of interest in the topic. Japanese cuisine will comprise hundreds or thousands of searches related to the topic, such as Japanese restaurants, Japanese rice, sushi, sushi recipes and names of well-known local Japanese restaurants.

Google then counts how often they are used in countries, regional areas, towns and cities relative to all local searches and allocates a popularity score. For example, if Brampton, Ont., scores 100 for Indian cuisine and Toronto scores 80, it doesn’t mean more searches were done in Brampton than in Toronto; it means a higher percentage of people in Brampton than in Toronto are into Indian cuisine, according to the release.

These are the latest Google Trends scores for international cuisines in Nova Scotia, according to Chef’s Pencil:

  1. Chinese (35)
  2. Italian (21)
  3. Thai (16)
  4. Mexican (11)
  5. Indian (11)

And here are the scores for Canada:

  1. Chinese (55)
  2. Italian (36)
  3. Thai (33)
  4. Indian (25)
  5. Mexican (23)

The full study is available at

Chef’s Pencil is a site where people can find recipes and cooking advice from professional chefs, as well as original reports on food trends around the world.

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