The Week In Search & SEO Ending May 15, 2020

WordPress Google Sitemaps Integration Getting Closer

Gary Illyes from Google said on Twitter that WordPress might get native sitemap support! He shared this tweet from Pascal Birchler, a Google engineer, who said “we’re making great progress towards a merge proposal for WordPress 5.5.” This is in regards to getting the XML Sitemaps feature plugin for WordPress built into WordPress 5.5 as a default.”

Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin Vulnerability
There was a critical vulnerability discovered in Google’s Site Kit WordPress plugin and subsequently patched. The vulnerability allowed an attacker to escalate site privileges and attack a victims search visibility, alter site maps and more.

Amazon Posts: A Feed-Based Shopping Experience on Amazon


Amazon Posts is rolling out of beta and into your feeds, and for now at least, sellers and marketers can add this to their arsenal for free.

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