Oh, Yes, This Is A Slime Green Jaguar F-Pace On 32-Inch Rim…

Jaguars are supposed to be classy, a true British alternative to other luxury cars. Surprisingly, they did well with their first SUV, the F-Pace, managing to attract even more customers into brand, and even better with their first-ever EV, the I-Pace – that, coincidentally, is also a crossover.

The thing is, the F-Pace you see here eschews everything the Jaguar brand stands for. It was filmed at a car meet in the USA and it appears that its original color was red.

The owner, apparently, wasn’t happy with the size of the wheels, so he decided to oversize them. Heck, ‘oversized’ is not enough to describe them, as the measure 32-inch in diameter! They likely required some technical mods to fit in the wheel arches and have ridiculously considerably raised the ride height.

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The next step was to choose an even more striking color, and green was favored over everything else. It’s not just any green, either, like a British Racing that would be a perfect match for a Jag, but something that’s apparently called ‘Slime Green’. It comes in contrast with the black bits used on the lower parts of the SUV. The grille is also custom and, surprisingly, the owner chose to keep the Jaguar badges, probably so that bystanders would recognize what this monstr-, um, thing is. Or rather was.

Of course this vehicle deserves a “bespoke” interior. Red and black leather adorns most parts of the cabin, and the interior door panels have been modified to make room for some gigantic speakers, part of the aftermarket sound system that was, of course, a requirement in this abomination unique creation.


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