Huge tech campus expansion eyed in north San Jose near Goog…

SAN JOSE — A legendary developer has proposed a vast expansion of a tech campus that would add 1.5 million square feet of offices in north San Jose next to where Google has already leased several big office buildings, city documents show.

Five big office sites would sprout next to four office buildings that developer Peery Arrillaga leased in 2019 to the search giant near the corner of North First Street and Brokaw Road, according to the city documents.

The new buildings in the tech complex would add 1.52 million square feet of offices to north San Jose, the documents that Peery Arrillaga has filed with the city show.

Five 10-story office buildings, along with five parking structures, would be built in this phase of the development, according to the municipal documents. The proposal is described as “preliminary.” Each of the five offices would total roughly 303,000 square feet.

Developers John Arrillaga and Richard Peery couldn’t immediately be reached for comment about the proposal. Palo Alto-based Peery Arrillaga is one of Silicon Valley’s most dominant and successful development firms.

Of particular interest is that the new preliminary proposal from Peery Arrillaga envisions a somewhat larger campus than what was previously considered for the site.

If the new proposal is granted approval, the completed north San Jose development would total a head-spinning 2.25 million square feet — enough office space for more than 11,000 tech workers.

The currently approved plans would allow as much as 2.03 million square feet of offices.

The expanded development site would front on North First Street, Brokaw Road, Bering Road, Crane Court, and U.S. Highway 101.

In April 2019, Google leased the first four office buildings in the project, in a deal that totaled 729,000 square feet of office space.

The five new buildings would be directly adjacent to the quartet of offices that Google had rented in the prior deal with Peery Arrillaga.

“It’s not a huge leap to imagine that Peery and Arrillaga wouldn’t be doing this on a whim,” said Bob Staedler, principal executive with San Jose-based Silicon Valley Synergy, a land-use consultancy. “Peery Arrillaga makes good decisions. They may appear lucky time after time but in reality, these are well-planned projects supported by strong relationships with big tech companies.”

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