Cuebiq Uses Store Visitation Data To Update Patterns In Peo…

Cuebiq now provides free access to data
reflecting mobile and store visitation patterns during the COVID-19 crisis to help businesses as they look to adjust their strategies to meet this new and uncertain market. The data changes daily.

The COVID-19 Mobility Insightsindex publishes real-time data on
the movement of the virus. Delta vs. Year Average analysis compares mobility to the previous year’s average to the same state and county, said Brennan Lake, program director of data for good at

The map allows site visitors to choose a specific time period, state or county. For example, people across the entire United States today have decreased their mobility by 56.5%
compared with the prior year. People in California have decreased their mobility by 90.8% compared with a year ago. People in New York have decreased their mobility by 68.3%, but those in Manhattan
have decreased their mobility by 95.2%.



North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Arkansas do not have stay-at-home orders. South Dakota has a mobility decrease rate of 52.5%, compared
with Wyoming at 56.4%, where the Governor has put in place orders in parts of the state.

The data comes from location data, from anonymous smartphone users who have given consent through
partner mobile apps to provide insights about consumers into retail stores.

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