How yours can beat the applicant tracking system

February 28, 2019 admin 0

Creative resumes with pops of color, fun graphics and charts, or inventive layouts may grab a human recruiter’s attention, but the ATS bots don’t appreciate these extra efforts to stand out. Instead, these embellishments actually […]

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What Brand Authority Can Do For Your Image

February 28, 2019 admin 0

Reputation Marketing Tips For Building Brand Authority In a digital age, your online reputation is becoming increasingly more important. We’ve heard about reputation management or ORM, but what about reputation marketing, and what can it […]


The good, bad and ugly of AI ethics

February 28, 2019 admin 0

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being adopted so fast that its technical capabilities have outpaced construction of an ethical governance framework. That’s changing as the implications of the AI revolution become clear. By Lachlan […]

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